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Classic Vanilla

The lightest sponge made with Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla beans, vanilla buttercream to compliment. (V) (GF)


A rich velvet chocolate sponge, layered with Belgian chocolate ganache. (V) (GF)


A beautifully balanced carrot cake with hints of cinnamon, orange & vanilla, paired with a mascarpone buttercream. (V) (GF)

Lemon Meringue

A soft lemon infused sponge, with layers of home-made organic lemon curd & a light lemon mascarpone buttercream. (V) (GF)

Red Velvet

An impressive red sponge made with buttermilk and soured cream to create a soft velvety texture, layered with an American cream cheese frosting (Try Blue velvet for a twist on the classic). (GF)

Orange Chocolate

A rich velvet chocolate sponge infused with organic orange

White Chocolate & Raspberry

The lightest Madagascan Vanilla bean sponge, layered with a white Belgian ganache & fresh raspberry compote.

Strawberry & Champagne

A sophisticated best-selling wedding sponge infused with real champagne, paired with a champagne & strawberry buttercream & compote (Surcharge of £25 per tier). (V) (GF)

Salted Caramel

A perfect balance of flavours, chocolate, caramel and vanilla layers of sponge finished with a salted caramel filling. (GF)


A soft espresso infused sponge, layered with Belgian chocolate ganache. (V) (GF)

Passion fruit & Dark Chocolate

A rich velvet chocolate sponge, layered with Belgian chocolate ganache & fresh passion fruit compote. (V) (GF)


A soft vanilla sponge, swirled with a hand-made honeycomb and layered with a Belgian milk chocolate ganache.

Cookies & Cream

A light vanilla sponge, speckled with chocolate cookies and layered with a cookie and cream frosting. (GF)

Hazelnut Praline

A rich velvet chocolate sponge, layered with a hand-made praline ganache. (V) (GF)

Coconut & Chocolate

A light coconut sponge layered with a coconut cream and dark chocolate ganache. (GF)

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

A rich velvet chocolate sponge layered with a light, fresh strawberry mousse. (V) (GF)

Black Forest

A rich Belgian chocolate sponge, layered with a homemade black cherry compote, vanilla cream and dark chocolate ganache. (GF)

Banana & chocolate chip

A beautifully light banana sponge speckled with dark chocolate chips and layered with a chocolate banana cream, perfect for children and adults alike! (GF) Please note all layer cakes come as described unless you have selected the special dietary requirements.

Specialist Layer Cakes

Beth is a trained pastry chef and passionate about creating your dream cake on the inside as well as out. We are more than happy to cater to your dietary requirements or even create a new flavour for your special cake at no extra charge.

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